Starting A Relationship While He's Away

So I am really going to need some feed back on this one. Robert and I have been friend since high school. Kinda lost touch for a while. He joined the Air Force and is currently overseas. I would get random messages from him on Facebook. A little over a month after me and my ex broke up Robert and I started talking. (Note me and my ex were together for 4 years.) Anyways, a week ago Robert asked me out. He is so sweet and definitely makes me smile. The only thing I'm worried about is when he gets home. What if we don't have that connection? What if what we think we have is not there?

Do y'all think it is ok to start a relationship while he is overseas? Should we wait until he gets home? Need feedback. Going insane.
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As odd as this sounds, I have a friend named Robert who is a year younger than I am and is a Reservist for the Canadian Forces. I'm sure that this cannot be him as the term seems too long for a part-time military personnel.

Anyway, only you know all the factors at play. However, I will say this. I have meet my fair share of military personnel during the years and one of the first things I always ask them is about their sex life during such a duration. Words are easy to say, but try to put yourself in his shoes. He is around a bunch of guys all day and even though people like to think that these men are "noble and great people", truth be told, they are no better than those who you would find anywhere else. In fact, from what I have been told from those with first-hand experience, they are worse if anything.

With the little that I know, the only advice that I can give to you is to be very open about sex and your relationship with him. Do not shy away. It takes a strong will and mind to be able to shun away all external pressures and focus on what really matters. You have to be his rock and remind him constantly what is most important to him. I can only hope that is you and that it stays that way, but as I have said, only you have all the factors.

I have a girlfriend right now in the navy and shes away. So I know what your going through I really think you should wait until he gets home. You might be craving attention since he left. Its hard I know but hes doing what he wants and getting a job staystrong :) It wouldnt be fair if you went off with your EX while he went away think about how heart broken that would make him!!!!!!

Yeah I've thought about every situation possible. And woul not ever want to do anything to hurt him.