I Finally Married The Love Of My Life And Now He Is Gone....

I married my high school sweetheart on 10/07/2010 and he deployed to Afghanistan not even a month later. It has been hard and sometimes unbearable. I just hope it either gets easier or the time goes by quickly. The deployment is putting our relationship to the test that is for sure. We dated in high school when he left me for basic. That was my first experience with not having him around. I waited and when he came home eventually things just didn't work out for us and we went on to live seperate lives. Over the years we kept in touch. He lived on an army base in Koreas for 3 or so years and then deployed to Iraq. In August we decided to have coffee and it just went from there. We confessed that we still loved one another and never really could be happy without each other. We took a trip, got engaged and planned a wedding in less then a month. It was all surreal and fairytale but with the deployment looming over our heads it was stressful too. Now a month or so into the deployment we are fighting, unhappy, stressed, lonely and just trying to hold our marriage together. I came across the site in hopes of some advice and to meet military wives in similar situations. I need to know I am not alone.
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My story is kind of similar. I just got married and my husband is leaving in sixteen days. I know it's so stressful and heartbreaking. The best we can do is be here for eachother and our husbands. As hard as it is, try to look past the little fights as best you can. Most men over there get really crabby considering all the have to deal with, I'm sure I'll have a hard time not taking it personal too but it's worth the sacrifice for marriage! Take care and much love

you arent alone I promise! Im sorry things are difficult for you right now.being a military wife is hard but you can do it! just take things day by day. distance always makes a relationship stronger and eventually when your hubby comes home,it will all be worth it.I hope everything works out for you guys, try to stay postive even though its hard.if you ever need someone to talk to,Im always here. us military wives gotta stick together :)

Im a fiancee and my love is getting deployed in the early fall and he and i plan to get married before he goes due to us not being able to get married as we had planned and a real wedding when he returns. Im sorry things are difficult for you hun but just reassure him that you love him and you will be there for him. its stressful being in a war zone and having your love ones far away...but you gotta have faith that this will only make you stronger not break you. if you need a friend im here...i will be in your place soon enough hun...and i know this is going to be hard..but it will all be worth it when he returns to me. Our love is worth it and yours is too.

Thank you for your feedback. Things are getting better between us. We both have done our research on the topic lol and are trying to take and use the advice given. We are communicating better and trying to just make the best of this situation. He told me the other day "I know we arent together physically but at least we are finally there for one another in every other aspect". That made me realize he is right. We finally are together and that is all that matters. We'll make it through this. Thanks ph49yczf3n for your encouragement and thoughts. :)

I'm going thru the same thing but keep your head up I know its hard but these are just simple life test to see how strong your love is. I agree distance does make you argue feel stress lony and maybe even depressed. But life goes on and once you see eachother you will forget about everything and you will just be happy to see him. Some advice don't fight with eachother because you both need too give eachother some support its hard for both and you will learn how to value more each second you spend together. I married my high school sweatheart as well and i was there for him while in bootcamp and im going to do the same on every deployment. Its all about support. Keep your head up. =)