Im A Wifey!

So me and my SO are now married! well i've been married for i think over 2 weeks lol. Anyways so I will be joining my husband in Fort Riley, Kansas. The only thing I am looking forward to is just being with my husband again. Everything else seems a bit stressful and scary. This will be the first post we will be at. He said I will like it there and Im excited to see what he is talking about BUT one big problem. Kansas is tornado alley and I hate the weather. I am from Austin, Texas so the weather here is unpredictable but we dont get anything bad just severe weather. No tornados, no hurricanes, no earthquake NOTHING!!! So im not looking forward to that. I can only leave this place and arrive with positive thoughts but its the weather. ANYWAYS!!! I just wanted to fluant lol and if anyone has been to Fort RIley, or is there currently I would love to hear from you(: I am also looking for new friends, I have a couple of friends that I met on here and Im still friends with them, got close to a few so if you're looking for friends....I'll be a friend(:
mmaria0208 mmaria0208
18-21, F
Apr 22, 2012