Leap Of Faith

Me and my husband have been best friends since high school, but we had also told eachother how we really felt. It's been love at first sight, but unfortunately I had been in a mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive relationship...with his best friend. He witnessed this behavior and quickly ended their friendship and I foolishy, stayed in the relationship in fear that he would continue to stalk me and make my life hell. So I secretely still talked to my friend (now husband ) even after he enlisted and moved out of state in 2008; which caused extreme issues in the relationship. Finally I'd had enough and left him..

After about 3 months of extreme soul searching and talking with him freely now, I knew what I had to do. He asked me if I loved him, I said yes. He asked well what are we waiting for? And I said, you're right. Let's do it. And I don't think he believed me until I actually read him the vows I'd wrote him on our wedding day.

So from best friends to engaged it happened and we were married 3 months later. (December 23rd, 2011 on his Christmas Leave)

I took the biggest leap of faith. And I hold onto it everyday. He's in New York and I am in Colorado and he's due home to be transfered to Fort Carson in 24 days. We've spent our first 6 months of our marraige completely seperated by the country and I CAN'T WAIT to truely start off our lives together :)
AlawysWorthTheWait AlawysWorthTheWait
18-21, F
Jun 20, 2012