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I'm 19 yrs old and my husband is currently attending BCT at Fort Jackson. I miss him terribly and am having some depression issues with him gone. His mom bashes his decision of joining everytime I talk to her! Hardly any body I know supports him and are taking it out on me. His best friend tried to have sex with me only a week after he left! It's crazy! On top of that, I'm raising a 9 month old daughter who was ADDICTED to her daddy. She wont sleep hardly at all, is really fussy, demanding, it's like she hit her terrible 2s early or something. AND I may be loosing my job!

However, with all these things going on, and missing my soldier more than words can say. I have to admit, I am proud to call myself and Army Wife! It's truly an amaizing/challenging experience that I know later I will NOT regret! I thought I understood and appreciated what all the military wives have to go through, but now that I'm one of them I'm finding it's even harder than I thought! But also so rewarding!

I look ahead to when I get to see my soldier again and I realize it's a blessing. Not just 'cause I get hold him and see him but because I get to experience the butterflys and "honeymoon love" again. Each time we will be away, I know that when we meet again it will be like for the first time. It will strengthen our relationship to higher peaks and we will never bore each other. As challenging as it already has been...deep down I know thisis a blessing too!

I hope all Army Wives out there can feel the strength of knowing you have that special blessing, and can use that to get through the day to day struggles. It will be hard...but SO worth it! We will ALL be stronger as people for it!



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Thank you for your enthusiasm! My husband is in the same place for BCT right now and i am really struggling with it. It's hard to find someone who can keep a positive view of things.

I feel for you pbandjalways. I'm sure everything will work out great and he WILL come home safely! Keep your chin up! If you need someone to talk to I'm always here.<br />
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My husband will deploy soon. Our youngest will be close to a yr and he is a daddy's boy through and through. I don't know how I'm gonna handle him. But It will all get better. I have faith that my baby will make it back home safely, and that I can handle these terrible times apart. And I'm sure you can too! HOOAH!

HOOAH GIRL, You got it! Be strong and be proud!