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I am an new Army wife, the writing prompt is so right! 

My husband left for basic training 5 days ago.  When I think of how we got here, I smile, albeit through tears.  I'm incredibly proud of him, I think of what he's doing at this moment, I hope his drill sergeant is nice (unlikely), and most of all I pray he's okay.

Funny thing, when I met him I would have never thought Army.  We both come from public library backgrounds, I'm a librarian and he was just about to finish his masters degree.  One day, while sitting on the couch watching the tv, he just turns to me and says, "What if I joined the Army?"  Really random, but I was intrigued.  I asked him to elaborate, and pretty much said that he has always known that he would like to be a public servant, so why not this?

I agree, but at the time I thought public service meant research services, storytimes for kids, that sort of thing... In spite of the shock, I could not argue.  He made a good point, he'd be serving our country.  We went to the recruiter and before you know it he committed to the Army.

We rushed to get our marriage licence, tried to assemble as many of our family and closest friends, and we got hitched.  A week later he was gone.  Two days before he left we managed to hop on the subway and honeymoon in the Bronx Zoo.  It was nice.

But now he's gone, and although I know this is temporary, I know countless other brave soliders started from where he is now... I can't stop crying.  I miss my best friend.  I find myself turning around to tell him something, forgetting he's not on the couch playing on his PS2.  I actually haven't picked up his socks from the floor because the sight of them almost tricks me into thinking he's not far.  

At this point I'm trying to tell myself that I am blessed that a man can compel me to cry for him.  I am blessed to love someone so much, that my life seemingly hicups because of his absence.  As much as I would love to have him here, safe and warm in bed with me, I don't think I would have realized how deep my love for him really is without the act of us parting ways for such a long time.  So it's on to having some bad days and some better days, but I can't wait until the best day... when I get to touch his face again.

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Hello Army Wives, a very good day to you Seasons greetings, one and all, especially to you For xmas 2009 and, the whole of 2010 May all your dreams come true; health of all your men. It’s a difficult job being An army wife Having to organize everthing, with your partners in strife Torn areas, halfway across the globe, I should know My brother was army for 25 years: Arsehole. The army made him into one of them I wondered all along just who for? My bro used To be a decent sort, but they programmed him well Turned him into a robot, humanityfree, first rate, arsole Amazed his wife, stuck with him through Though she can think for herself, and I think this is key To any long distance relationship, independent thinking. She has her own life; directorships even. See it can be done, 25 years together, soldier and wife But the difference between you and my bro’n spouse Is only a geographical one; from Engerland we are from. Your army’s programming, 100 times worse.. So the question is, do you want your man back?? Cos his soul is being stolen from under your nose Bush tour tee shirts all over the house A tour for oil, drugs and profit: That’s all Martial law coming soon; the people need your men fighting on the right side, against the powers of evil that dictate everything, in your lives, from the TV drink in the water, all designed to kill you and I: Quietly. They call it silent weapons for quiet wars Google that, whilst you can, cos when the web goes down, Your men come home, spattered in blood, yet there’s the same detritus on the tv ,that there has always been You won’t notice, you trust every word that comes out of CNN, Fox But its al propaganda, by the same people who sacrifice your boys, FOR RICH MEN’S OIL, and 1,000 tonnes annually of Heroin. Your country goes bust in January, all part of the same story. You are the people's last line of defence, against the tyranny We need you to do the thinking in your household: RIGHT NOW love and peace always, and have an amazing christmas... peace x

Deployment is very hard for anyone. My husband is also deployed in Iraq and I miss him more and more every day. It's really hard for me knowing he is putting him self in harms way, but he is doing something that he loves and I give him 100% of my support. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.