Better a Crazy Forever Then a Sane and Lonely Never

I was sitting at Mohegan Sun on a bench back in early march of this year...this guy Jerome walked up to where I was and asked if he could sit down and talk for awhile. I told him sure--he'll looked very tired and sad. After talking for about an hour he gave me his phone number and told me to give him a call if I wanted to hang out. two days went by and on Thursday I was back at the casino hanging out with a group of friends (there were six of us) when Jerome called and asked me to go to this motel where he and some of his friends were having an early st. patricks day celebration. I normally don't do things like this but I was with my friends and one agreed to go with me and if it was shady we would leave, no questions asked. It did take some bribing to get her to go with me though! 80 bucks worth of bribing!

A drive that should have only taken about 45minutes ended up taking us almost 2 hours becuase of the snow storm that had started while we were in the casino. But anyway, we made it to the motel and were flagged down by Jerome and one of his friends. Well it ended up being Jerome and his friend Cory, Cory's girlfriend Jenn and her best friend Iain. So again there was just six of us. I didn't notice Iain after the initial introduction, he was very quiet and sat by himself on the floor. as we were talking I looked over at him and it was like all of a sudden the rest of the world dissappeared. suddenly I was deaf and blind to the rest of existance-like he was the only one in the room! Becuase of the snow storm I couldn't get home so I went to Iains house and ended up staying there until the storm and roads had cleared enough to drive (about 4 days) while I was there we connected so well, everything either of us said or did complimented the other. We agreed on so many things and got along so well. We started officially dating the second day i was there (march 16th) and its been heaven ever since. We were married on Sept. 13th 2007, just over a month ago. We didn't "date" for very long before, but we basically lived together from day one. The longest time we'ed spent apart (until he left for BCT) was almost 3 days. We were always together. Granted we had our moments (like every couple) we hit a couple of bumps, but we both are very well adjusted people when it comes to relationships, so we delt with the issues when they came up, we didn't ignore them and we didn't let them get out of hand. Neither of us was always so good at making things work in relationships, we both had had our hearts broken multiple times and we both had done our share of heartbreaking, but we learned from that. Thats the key to being happy, if you make a mistake, realize it was a mistake and learn from it.

Iain is gone now, at basic training and hes having a hard time with it. Its not what he expected, even though everyone told him it would be like this. He might not finish (small chance of him being discharged) but if he starts doing what hes sopposed to be doing and stop being so defensive about everything then he will be fine. I want him home, I miss him, but I don't want him to come home early becuase that means that he is no longer in the military and that would screw us over. Our future depends on him being in the military the next 3 years.  I'm hopeful and I miss my husband. Being apart of the military, whether your a soldier, or the wife or mother, or daughter, whatever it may be, its difficult. The soldier is the one doing the work and out there fighting for people they don't even know, but the women behind them are the ones that become the backbone of there existance, of there ability to do what they need to do. I love my husband and now I respect him more, and I've come to respect ALL soldiers and branches of the military more then I had before.

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i miss my husband too . its a very touching story