Capricorn and the Far Planets In 2009

10 – For Capricorn:



Saturn is the ruler of your sign Capricorn and it is now in Virgo until late October 2009. Saturn in Virgo speaks about studies mainly in law, religion and culture. Are you aiming for a master’s degree/PHD in law/religion/culture? Somehow Saturn is suggesting that you’re working on someone with overseas connections also. Are you branching out in your business? Saturn is talking about efforts in the domain of foreign countries and long distance travels. Capricorn, you’re a born hard worker, so it is needless to remind you about devotion to what you’re up to. In 2009, you will go forward with your studies/overseas business with the blessings of your ruling planet.


Uranus is in Pisces as 2009 unfolds. So Uranus will connect you to new people/groups/clubs will working on changing your communication skills. Uranus is probably changing your communication skills towards creativeness/innovation. If you’re a student then Uranus suggests that there will be change or freedom in your education process. Are you dumping/changing school? Are you thinking about changing your major? Anyway Saturn in Virgo is not happy about that change. Higher education and lower education are battling. Saturn wants you to continue your studies and Uranus wants you to dump it for something else…something like the job you have always wanted to do?


In 2009, Jupiter and Neptune will work on pouring money into your pockets/bank account. You won’t have to worry about money in the coming year. Do what you love and money will follow…in loads! Be careful there will also be large expenditures. Beware of deceptive Neptune; don’t get lured by con men or suspicious projects if you’re willing to invest with your money. If you knew precisely where/when to invest your money then 2009 will promise you great profits. Just don’t fall in any risky/deceptive project. Don’t be too optimistic. Check and double check of the validity of the projects you’ll be talked into. Keep following your businesses regarding where the money is going and on what it is spent.



Pluto is in your personality now. Immediately, this will strengthen your hunger for power (as if being a Capricorn is not enough). Pluto will rule your personality for the next 15 years! So your personality will change to the core. Slowly Pluto will renew it so you can fulfill your deepest desires and bringing out your darkest secrets. And so it will help express yourself better especially when you’re very well known for your reserved personality. Pluto will work at ease with you since both of you favor high posts with wide authorities. Pluto will love your stern personality, your devotion for work, and great sense of responsibility. This stay will involve personal self-mastery and the need to co-operate and share. So it is perfect for all business oriented Capricorns. Their business will succeed by their own abilities and great sense of leadership. 


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Dec 18, 2008