Foreboding News

The injury to Tom Brady will cast a pall over this season for some time to come if not for the entire season.  Althought thew offensive unit of the Patriots is very good, they need their helmsman to carry it forward clamly and strongly in the face of their adversaries charges.  The support behind Brady does not carry the same weight, demeanor, skill, confidence, and the like to carry the team to where i needs to be.  I am hoping that order can be restored in the AFC where not only did the Patriots have a very damaging blow delivered to them, but the othe stalwarts of the AFC (in recent years) also suffered highly improbable losses (Indianapolis and San Diego).  Only Pittsburgh seems to be on course this year.

The repots, although unconfirmed last night, where that this is a season ending injury for Tom Brady (torn ACL) but there are no confirmation until the MRI that is scheduled for tody is done.  Nevertheless, if he is not out for the season, it is anticipated that he will be out for some time.  Time will tell at the resilience of th rest of the team to bounce back and see them reestablish themselves into the power struggle at the top of the AFC.

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As they say, bad luck strikes in three. Yesterday, ex-Pats now head coach at Notre Dame, Charlie Weis had his knee blown out on the sidelines by one of his own pla<x>yers when they bowled him over. Now he dos not play on the field and his injury should have minimal, if any impact, on the field performance of his team. but this is the third profile AFC power team injury. I know there have been other injuries in the NFL that are important, but these, with the exception of Charlie, impact directly on the power teams of the AFC.

And now we've lost "Lights Out" Shawn Merriman!! Yikes!!! Should be an exciting season... and Nude, thanks for your nice Chargers comments... we are definitely the ugly stepsister of the NFL!!!

BL, you Cowboy die hard, the Cowboys played fairly well against the lackluster Browns, but what remains to be seen is how the AFC will settle out this year. The NFC looks to be stable this year and the Cowboys seem to be a the head of the pack this year as long as they do not choke at home against the crappy team like the Giants ;-)

aww poor brady...thats okay Im sure we can find another amazing QB to talk about...*cough cough* TONY ROMO!

CS3000, you will have to repeat your victory over Indianapolis like last year to get to the Pats game. I am sure that the Chargers can repeat history!

You are not kidding about my Charger's loss this weekend! In the LAST TWO SECONDS?!!! Are you freakin KIDDING me?!!!<br />
But I digress...<br />
Tom Brady's injury... gosh! It is heartbreaking. I am not such a die hard football fan that I would wish ill to any other team's pla<x>yers. I felt sick when I heard of it, in fact. I hope it is not as bad as we are all thinking and he will be up and at em after a few weeks at the most. When we beat the Pats this season (and we will!!) I want to do it fair and square, with old Tom at the helm!!!

ouch, hope he's able to return...