I Lost The Love Of My Life...

Today has been the worst day for me in a really long time. I'm heart broken and torn apart inside. I shut out my husband cause I was trying to be the "strong wife" and ended up being too strong. We have been fighting a lot and over stupid and little stuff, but normally we always get through it. I have been so stressed out and I haven't really told him about how I've been feeling. I understand he is upset and fed up and I'm trying to change how I'm opening up. But today he told me it would be best if we go our separate ways until I can get back to myself. I have to get back the woman he fell in love with if I want him back. How do I find the person he made me if I don't have him in my life. I can't lose the one person who means more to me than anything else. I won't let it happen. I have to find me so I can have him. Baby steps I guess...
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3 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Communication between newlywed people is so hard. Learning each others buttons, understanding each persons expectations, trying to remain the individual you but in a union of two.
Baby steps is the best, don't do anything in the moment or irrational. Men are very frustrating creatures sometimes and other times they can be just what we hope and desire. It's finding that balance in personalities and to correct the all to often incorrect way that we communicate with each other.
basically in simple terms men was peace and direction in their lives..
so don't women.. it's just that they mean different things to each.
Consistency dedication support security run deep in the desires of women
Provide, do what is right, handle all issues appear strong are deeply engrained in men.

The confusion between those wants needs and desires accrue because of the indifference on the means of getting to having those things.

I don't know the specifics, but in most cases the answer lays in the manner in which you perceive what the other is saying.

stepping back helps to clear your thoughts. being open to an others concerns places you in their mind as caring. defensive postures seldom fix problems.

I wish I had a magic wand, I'd make it so everyone lived happily ever after.. sadly I'm just a fairy with out a wand. :)

Try to write out the stuff you're feeling and the things you've been holding inside. We all want to be that strong wife but we all have our weak moments he just needs to be let in to those moments so you don't harden yourself <3 you can do this, you'll get him back! Love ya girl! Message me if you need/want

i am sorry but you both have changed
the USMC has changed him and you being away from each other has changed both of you
and it may be better to just give him his space right now

Roberta USMC cpl 1947/1967 viet nam