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EP: Good evening and welcome. Wonderful to have you join us. Let's get started right away. What activity have you always wanted to try, but haven't yet? Why?

tigeri6: Pleasure to be here. Let me think about that one for a second. I suppose this is almost cliche, and cliche's are one thing I loathe and detest for whatever reason, but I realise that they are cliche's for a reason.

I would love to overcome / push my fears to their limits. Especially my fear of heights, for example. Skydiving sounds AMAZING. And scary. SO SCARY! But I would love to do it.
I would LOVE to travel overseas, and live the gypsy traveller life for a while, explore the world, live with different people, couch surf, camp on beaches and in forests, help communities and be part of communities throughout Asia and Central and South America.

The reason why I haven't done these things yet, other than the obvious financial ones, is that I am afraid and insecure slightly about my life. I have lived away from all my friends before, and I like it, but didn't like it. There were some aspects I did like, but I didn't like not having a social network of friends to hang out with, I didn't like being alone all the time. Loneliness is a killer, and I would prefer to travel with someone I love, rather than alone.

Problem with that is, I always seem to be most intrigued by and become romantically involved with the MOST confusing of people, and perhaps it's because I'm still young, or relationships are still young, but I don't feel completely confident in these things yet, but don't want to drop them. People are more important to me, than me.

EP: Moving right along. What is the best advice you have ever received? Who gave it to you?

tigeri6: Who wrote these questions. The best advice I've had of late, which resonated quite profoundly through me, was from Australian Greens leader, Bob Brown.

I met him at an art exhibition of his photography and talked to him for a little bit, and he said, "You remind me of me when I was young, and the one thing you have to remember is that you have all the time in the world to do all the things you want to do. Stop rushing, stop worrying, they will happen".

I have a tendency to want to do everything in the world, and I get impatient and a little upset sometimes, thinking that I'll never get to do all those things, or what I'm doing right now isn't enough.
So it was good advice, from someone who I admire.

EP: Next question. If you could change one thing about your life, what would you change?

tigeri6: Interesting. My insecurites!!!
Oh, the day when I'm not insecure about anything... what a beautiful day!
Imagine being able to completely accept and understand when, say, people move on? Not try and keep them there with you? Imagine being able to not worry if someone doesn't want to hold your hand, because it's hot or whatever, and understanding THAT, rather than looking deeper into it!
Imagine the day when I am not worrying about my finances, my career, my bills, my education.
When I'm not worried I'm not good enough for x person or thing.
Ahhh, that would be good.

If I could change one thing about my life, I would laser-zap all my insecurities the hell out of my life!

EP: Well put! I couldn't have said it better myself. Well, that concludes our up close and personal interview with tigeri6 . Stay tuned readers, for our next New Member Interview.

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tigeri6 tigeri6
22-25, M
Jul 12, 2010