By Accident!

My wife was killed in a "tragic" accident. And I was looking for "counseling" and I found EP.I enjoy reading stories,still not to "sure" about this type of forum.It has helped me find people that are going through the same hurt,loss. I still am in my "shell of shock" and hurt she is gone! Feel I will heal in time.I am a "private person." And I will have nothing to do with "drama" here! I'm easy going, and like all people and "respect" all have a right to their own life's,beliefs etc! as long as it does no harm to others.
I have found a good friend. BCBoomer!

Thank you if you read this story! B.Bell
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I am glad you found comfort in this site, I do too. If you have any flash backs, things,situations or people that make it feel as if you are reliving the horrible accident,consider getting counseling,just a suggestion,my heart goes out to you

Just lost my husband after 35 years. I am feeling so alone and empty and everywhere I look and go are memories of him and I. I want to run to another part of the country where there are no memories because I cry all the time and am tired of looking like hell. Just saying hello.

While I am not a widow (though often feel like I am) I too have come here as a pseudo support group since their are none in my area. Welcome to EP.

Im so sorry for you loss. I have lost a son, and the pain is excruciating, sometimes it hurts so bad you want to curl up an die. My only source of comfort is my faith in Jesus. He holds me together when I cant hardly put one foot in front of the other. In addition, my husband and I recently separated intensifying the pain in my life. I have slid into depression at the loss of people I love, and my therapist told me to make myself get up and do things i like to do.. visit people I like to spend time with, and if being alone in the house is too tough, get out and spend some time with friends who care. I will say Making Myself do anything is pretty difficult- but the alternative is to sit on the sofa being so depressed I cant function- not a good solution for life. Counseling is a good option, it allows you to talk about how you feel, and have them show you how to move past the pain- and go on with life.

SueMarie...I am new to this site. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I just wanted to reach out and offer my condolences. I live in California...would be happy to hear how you are doing. I have suffered depression over 40 years and took a big blow since losing work; becoming an empty-nester, and being very shy. I just found this site and am hoping to heal and share. Take care.

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My sincere condolences for your loss. I don't know the pain of loosing one's wife. But I am frequently around those who have lost a son or daughter or spouse (from the actions of war). The best I can say is to keep other people near you, they will support you even when you don't know you need support.<br />
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Be well.

S.Intelligence @ Thank you it has helped here,more for me; then paying for help :)<br />
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Iamstillrighthere@I too am grateful,the best accident yet .And I pray for you too! :) Thank you!!!

hi, i am so pleased to become your friend. and i look forward to talking to you, for you know i feel the pangs of your hurting heart. i found ep accidently but this was soooo much what i wanted and needed and sooo grateful for EP and all the wonderful friends i have found and met here. God bless you, it is almost 2:16 in the am here, and i shall say a prayer for you tonight when i finally hit the pillow. Peace your friend <3

My heart goes out to you in your loss. It is hard to lose someone close to us, but add to that the shock of a tragic accident and I think it makes us even more bitter sometimes. I am not a counselor nor do i want to be but there are caring people here that will read your stories and some will closely identify with your scenario. I think that is helpful in some ways to get through that grief.

Dear BCBoomer<br />
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Your a very caring friend! Thank you for your comment! I do believe your right!In time it does get better!

boxbell!! How did you know I would read this?? I'm honored to be singled out as a good friend and<br />
I will do my best to live up to it! I know your loss has to be recent, by the way you talk. It's uncanny,<br />
I have had several of these experiences personally, but time has passed for me and it does get<br />
easier. I told someone earlier that things did always happen for a reason. How many times can I say<br />
it's really been so? Those who know God always find each other when it's time. God Bless You!

Thank you,I have many good ones!

Hi dear friend.I am sorry about your lostTime will heal all wounds.Good memories will always stay and i pray you get better each day.BCBoomer is a great friend.Have a Blessed Day.