Mixed Feelings

I'm new to EP and I have to say that my initial impression is mixed. I love to have a forum where I can share stories of experiences with folks that have had similar. I love having a place where I can go to anonymously indulge my graphomania.

EP itself seems odd. The suggestions it has for me (upper right margin) are insane. It tries to match me to groups that have no rhyme or reason. The "algorithm" is just random as far as I can see. My profile says I'm a married man from Michigan and my groups reflect that, yet today it has recommended I join "I am from Oregon", "I am an army girlfriend", and has suggested that I make friends with folks who love to pee their pants on purpose.

I'll give it a run for a while and hopefully meet some friends (with more reserved bladder habits). Otherwise, I can just open a word processor and do pretty much the same thing.
awar44 awar44
41-45, M
Jul 20, 2010