First Time

I can share my experience from my everyday life that I cannot wait to tell my friends in person because some of them are busy. For instance, I am looking for a special female friend to be part of my life, neither a girlfriend nor a wife, but someone that I first feel comfortable being around her. Last Wednesday, I met a girl on a bus. We exchange smile after she stepped on my left foot. Our eyes met a few times for a second or two before that. The most significant part is that I had the courage to ask her if I can sit next to her afte she found a seat beside where we were standing when some passengers got off. Then, I started asking her a question and the conversation followed. I may not see her again but memory remains. Should I make an effort to find her as she is still in High School and I am 30 years old? I am worried that I would be freak out if I see her again on the same bus. After I found a special female friend I and she would get to know character of one another then I would propose.
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36-40, M
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I would leave it at that, man. Young girls are good at being nice and polite the first time you meet her because she doesnt want you to follow her home. If she should keep spotting you you might become a nuiscance and before you know it your banged up for stalking her.