New User Tips!

I have turned a number of folks on to EP and almost all of them come back at me and asking why they can't see my pics! After walking a number of them thru some of the process I thought I'd just type it once and refer them to this post! I'm not the most experienced user and hope others that read this will add their tips and techniques to this post!

Sorry I missed ya this past weekend. Ok.. how to use EP.
Number one is to make sure family filter is turned off. When on your home profile page scroll to almost the bottom and on the left you'll see Account Settings and beneath that Account settings. Click settings and you'll see content settings. Click that and make sure neither of the filter settings are selected.
Now your able to see adult theme'd content.
For finding me, at the top of most pages you'll see a PEOPLE tab, then a drop down will show SEARCH. Select search and on the right will be a box to enter a screen name your searching for. Type my s/n: williemcd there in half a second you'll see my profile pic and s/n. Click on my s/n and you'll end up on my profile page. If you and I are in the same circle you can view my photo albums, (It will list me as a FRIEND) other wise the profile page will give you the option to "Add to Circle". Only after I receive the request for an Add will I be able to accept the request! If I knew your s/n on EP, I'd send you a request for add. It's not as complicated as I seem to have made it.
However, everyones' stories are available to read without the circle add/accept IF you have your family filters set correctly! Hope this helps! Bill in Va.
williemcd williemcd
51-55, M
Aug 2, 2010