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EP: Good evening and welcome. Wonderful to have you join us. Let's get started right away. If you could change one thing about your life, what would you change?

alwayskeepfaith: Pleasure to be here. That's kind of odd, but alright. Nothing. I have been through ****. But changing one little thing could affect something good in my life. I dont know. It's hard to explain. As much as I complain about my life, I try to cherish it as much as I can. It's all I have.

EP: Alright, thanks for that.. What is the best advice you have ever received? Who gave it to you?

alwayskeepfaith: I sure hope people are enjoying this interview. My best best friend. He simply just said one thing: pray. Like honestly. I dont want to sound like an idiot. But praying and spending time with God is the most rewarding and motivating thing you can ever do. It can be boring sometimes but sometimes its truly amazing. I couldnt have gotten any better advice from someone.

EP: Lovely. If you had the chance where you could do anything you wanted, with money being no object, what would you do?

alwayskeepfaith: A bit random, but OK. Hmm. I've been asked this question a lot in school. And I never answer it honestly, because, honestly, I dont know. I always say something dumb like buy out all the candy stores in the world or go shopping at every single mall. But, I would go to NH. I was just recently there, and they inspired me so much. A group of Nepali refugees live there, in pure poverty, its heart renching. I would go there and spend as much money as possible to get them school supplies, proper living conditions, clothes and even fun things. They've been through so much, they deserve it.

EP: Ah, of course. It's quite a unique way you have of looking at things. Well, that concludes our up close and personal interview with alwayskeepfaith . Stay tuned readers, for our next New Member Interview.

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alwayskeepfaith alwayskeepfaith
Aug 11, 2010