A Little Toooooo Eclectic?

After a successful career in media and advertising, I decided to "change the world" and became a social worker and teacher.  How's that working out?? Well, not as well as I'd hoped.

Three years ago, I decided to do what I love most.  I started writing/co-writing, producing/co-producing music in many genres.  It has been great fun and I have 8 songs that have been accepted into the "catalogues" of production and record companies in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, it's been costly for me and, although I keep writing, I've had to go back to teaching to pay the bills.

I'm married and have 3 children.  We live just outside of Boston.


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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I am also an English major, but chose not to teach. I'm not particularly happy with my job as an administrator in a law firm so I'm searching for that perfect career, if such a thing exists. Your teaching position sounds great though. I never considered teaching kids with special needs. I write fiction in my spare time, so like you there's an outlet for my creativity. Here's hoping I can do something with my writing some day too.

Thanks! I am lucky to be doing what I love....AND, as much as I complain about it (I can't find a job as a high-school English teacher....so I'm working as a 'full-time substitute' for young special needs students!) I really love the kids and learn something every day from them. Again....thanks for taking the time to make me remember that!

I think it's great that you decided to take that leap and do what you love. And congrats on your sucess of your songs being accepted. That's such an achievement. At least while teaching you can keep on churning out songs. All the best. :)