Importance Of Common Sense

Once there was a rich man.He had three sons.They were very lazy and extravagant .The father wanted to have a test for a true successor of his property.What should he do for it .Comment in your own way to start a witty expression of your life long experiences
People judge from person to person based on their own out look and narration can make turn and turn from one point to another but there would be no concluding result called true justice.An educated person would leave his wisdom,rich person would present his tricks of business ,poor person would ask for labor while a bagger would request for alms.You would also explain the three lines in your own way and i would welcome all of you adding them in my treasure.
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The first son put the father's money in a bank vault and kept it safe, he was very proud of himself...The second son spent it all on wine women and song, he was very ashamed of himself...and the youngest son called the villagers together to ask them what they needed, and distributed some of the wealth, he was shy and very humble to his father, but later the villagers came to praise him to his father, and brought gifts to show their gratitude and trust, so the father knew that the youngest son would be the best successor to his wealth...

I would have them dropped stark naked in the middle of the Amazonian jungle with only one bow and arrows, one machete and one spear.<br />
They'd get two books too: "How To Survive In The Jungle When Being Lazy And Extravagant" and "How To Survive Your Brothers' Murder Attempts When In a Naked In The Jungle Situation"<br />
Then I'd look for a concubine and start try-outs for new babies in case the original ones don't make it back.<br />
Since they haven't come back yet, I'm still pondering on a second test should two or more survive.

Ok, you got me thinking..., He could tell them he gave all his money and fortune away to charity and that they need to support themselves now, to see who would take a positive action towards improvement.

Once there was a mother chicken who had 4 baby chicks she needed help in planting grain to make bread she ask for help with her barn yard friends not one helped her and when it came to make the bread she ask for help again ,not one came.She put the bread in to bake all of her barn friends could smell it making and waited for her to finish and then they came asking,can we have some,she thought for a moment and said,I ask for help twice and you didn't come, now myself and my checks will enjoy the bread alone.A lesson learned to thoes who are lazy and disrespectful.

There once was a young lady who had found life a beautiful piece of orchestra that infinitely gave reason to celebrate it. the young lady wanted all she had and had all she wanted. The young lady could be at peace if only the young lady breaths. Silently.