Meet Svufan!

We caught up with new member svufan and asked a few fun questions. Get to know your new community member and don't forget to say Hello!

EP: Good morning and welcome. Wonderful to have you join us. Let's get started right away. When you are 100 and looking back at your life, what do you want to be able to say?

svufan: Pleasure to be here. I like how you think. That I had changed peoples lives in at least some positive way. I hope to do a lot to help people and animals. I want to be successful and for the ones I care about to be proud of me. When I'm 100 I'd like to say I've had many experiences and adventures.

EP: You are a bit mysterious, aren't you. If you could change one thing about your life, what would you change?

svufan: Always happy to answer that. I would change my negativity and the way I shy away from things. I tend to hold myself back with my anxiety and shyness. I want to be social and be able to attract people easily and make them feel better. I want to be more of a people person.

EP: A well thought out response. What is the best advice you have ever received? Who gave it to you?

svufan: Glad you brought that up. Everything my dad has ever said to me. And my mom. They've raised me well. To always believe in myself and to do the right thing and work for what you want.

EP: Ah, of course. It's quite a unique way you have of looking at things. Well, that concludes our up close and personal interview with svufan . Stay tuned readers, for our next New Member Interview.

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svufan svufan
22-25, F
Apr 25, 2011