Pressed Down But Not Destroyed

i messed up at 22 in my first sexual encounter, and got pregnant. I thought marriage would make me happy but it did not since I was hurt emotional physically and raped. i have been pressed down but God has given me enough grace to come out and take care of the kids. i have learn t to depend on God and not trust on men, the miracles i have seen are overwhelming. am here to share my sad stroy that has made me become an encourager especially to hurting people and the pressed down and tell them there is hope.
disappointments can turn to be reappointment
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1 Response Sep 15, 2011

The first step to healing is to know JOY comes from within. no one can ever make you joyful apart from your self. It is a choice you make and decide on it. I t is an attitude you learn to keep in the end you reap fruits attract people and attract favor as well.<br />
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no one likes sad face