Hi, I'm Heather

I came to this see if it is better than the website I was spending time on. Experience Project came up pretty often and sounded like it may have a more mature feel to it. That is why I am here.

I have had more experiences in life and death that most will ever have. I work for a hospice service, I help those leaving this world, do so as peacefully and painlessly as possible. I lost my husband and daughter three and a half years ago and fell into a pretty serious depressed state. I have worked very hard to deal with the injustice done, and to fight my way back to a positive and caring personality.

I look forward to interacting with the many members of EP.
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hi Im in the mist of dealing with much and also have experienced more than most--unfortunately but welcome and glad you are able to turn things around more positively. You'll be a much needed asset as such

Welcome and so sorry. I wonder if you're a nurse, I'm about to start, a program. Iost my brother 5 years ago, so sad. You are already healing slowly ♡

Lots of people who care, some who do not. I admire your desire to "fight your way back." Sorry for your loss.

Hi Heather!
I must say, it takes a very special person to work at a Hospice... bless you! I have great memories of a Hospice that my grandpa went to when he was in stage 4 lung cancer. Amazing place with amazing people!

Hello Heather,

My mother spent her last few days on this earth in a Hospice in Salt Lake City. The people there were very kind and very patient and took good care of my mother. I was working in Asia at the time and got to her bedside only a few hours before she passed away. I am grateful to the people at the Hospice for helping my mother wait for me to say goodbye. Even now, after 10 years, the memory brings tears to my eyes. I will you good fortune in your Hospice venture.

Welcome to EP,Heather.

Hi Heather - where were you before?

Heather, in Hospice you would be known as an Angel of Mercy. I just lost my wife of 35 1/2 yrs to cancer and what Hopice did for her I could never have done. There was one time she came out of the sadded state, open her eyes and was groaning in pain. That was the last time I seen her with her eyes open. I pleaded with the nurse not to push the button, that I just wanted to enjoy being with her for that moment. The nurse told me,"John, if I don't push the button, she's going to be boncing off the walls with pain. It was so hard to say go ahead." With in the next few days, my wife past on.
Heather, I comment your services to those of the needy, may God richly bless you. Fierojohn

HI I am new too

I lost my wife of 28 years and had in home Hospice and five days of care, what a great service you are doing.

I am still having problems knowing what to say and when, so I lost a Job of 28 years at will company are just not very forgiving. new boss new HR old guy gone

I think it should only get better from now on... I did find out who are real friends.

Welcome Heather to EP

dear after come here i didnt go back any where else here i meet others real life witch give us idea that we are not only one suffering with our life there are many some like us some live more bed then us it help us to fight back in life it is so sad to here about your lost hope god be nice with you and give you much you deserve welcome here on ep dear

Welcome to the site Heather

Hi Heather.. Welcome.

hi heather ive also dealt with alot in my life my wife of 32 years past away a while back.its been hell trying to go on without her but its finally get a little easier.so anyways welome to e/p i hope u have alot of fun here i know it takes my mind off things.if u ever want to talk just yell

Welcome to EP madam. Its really a good site which changed my life!!!

Hi Heather, I am also new here and like you finding my around, Life can be cruel but having the strength to move on was my only way. Beat of Irish luck and smile again. Frank, Ireland.

Hospice was a wonderful experience for my family as we struggled with the impending death of my Mother. You are angels! I am so very sorry for the personal loss you have suffered. Has your experience with hospice made coping easier? ... or maybe harder.

Heather<br />
Being located in the Memphis area, I would love hearing from you and extend a warm hand<br />
<br />
Hope to hear from you<br />


heather my name is scott green and this is my story, i was married to a wonderful woman for 11 years. cancer came knocking and it eventually got her, she w months 4 pregnant also. it has been 16 months and im just now getting back to normal. anyhow sorry bout your loss

welcome to ep

Welcome to EP!

HI Heather, I too have just recently found this site, actually I am way-new. I found it just a week ago. I think you will find a lot of very caring peeps here. Ones who will listen, offer advice, and others who are in need of advice. In addition to also being new, I too have lost a daughter, yes I'm a widow, then lost my mom, and then my dad; all in a matte of 10 years. I'm still working on healing. Seems to be a very slow process. I don't work for hospice, however I am a CNA and the last 3 patients I've cared for have died. And being there and bringing what lil' happiness I could give them was very rewarding. However, though I really like the work, I have gotten out of it and moved on to other things. I have just gotten to a point where I'm tired of helping people to their final resting place. I decided I needed time to work on me, instead of putting it off like I have been. I am very sorry for your losses, I know the on-going pain that your in. Find a way to work through it. Don't avoid the pain, the anger, etc... work through it completely so you can move on in your life. You can find happiness again. Good luck, and again welcome. I think you have found yourself a home.

Hi heather, I'm so sorry for your loss, that you have the strength to carry on, and to cope with the labours and heartbreaks of hospice work is very impressive. I hope you find this somewhere congenial & make good friends - i've only been here a few weeks but it seems great to me

hi Heather! I stumbled onto the Experience also! I find that it is a very good site, as there are Mature sites all the way to immature, but here you can choose your groups and friends, so I'm very pleased with it so far. I'm sorry about your loss! Maybe it's a story you'd like to share?? Or you could pose a question to members and maybe get some answers, or even help someone else??

It's so nice to meet you!! :)) I'm pretty new to EP. I joined in August...just happened to stumble across it. I think you're going to like it here. EP has some really genuine people, some pervs, and those with very interesting lifestyles. Just be careful who you add as friends. Take care and I wish you all the best.

Nice to meet you too! :) Thank you for the nice welcome.

Welcome. It's a big place so I'm sure you will find lots of interesting material in the collections, some helpfull insights and some intelligent, caring people. You may also have your eyes opened to some subgroups of humanity that you didn't existed. Adult diaper wearers are particularly friendly to newcomers.

Thank you for the welcome and the heads up on the diaper wearers. lol I have to deal with those sometimes in my job, I just can't see how that turns people on.