The Dream

Dear Joe, June 1st

I’m so glad you can’t tell a soul because these dreams are getting worse. I walked though this grave yard, steam was coming off all the tombs. As a started to walking, I could have sworn I was being watched by something. I turned around to see a big black crow sitting on a tombstone. I kept walking, picking up my pace, I knew I was being followed and I knew it wasn’t the crow that time. I hear the voice of death speaking to me, saying my name and speaking to me in a language I’ve never heard of, but oddly enough, fully understand. There was a random door covered in vines. Thinking I could out run whatever was following me, I ran towards it. I saw the tombstones had twisted into demon like shapes. They advanced towards me, looking like they wanted to kill. I realized the door was open now, and take a risk by going though the unknown door. I realized that was a huge mistake, because the voice that spoke to me now matched the man who was standing in front of me. I turned to leave but discovered that the door was locked. I heard an evil laugh from behind me and I knew I was trapped in hell. In an evil whisper I heard my name “Alice. Alice. Alice.” The cloaked voice grew louder every time he said my name. “You were just like your mother, here and now is where you will die, demon. He reached for his knife and right before he killed me I woke up only this time, with blood all over my hand.

Sincerely you're Alice
Shortiie93 Shortiie93
18-21, F
Nov 15, 2011