I Am 26 And My Family Still Doesn't Know I'm Gay...

i come from a province in the Philippines, and when we say province, the ways are still very conservative, specially in our place where being gay is a big issue. that prompted me after finishing college to work near the country's capital very far from home and a lot freer when it comes to gender expression. i enjoyed my freedom a lot, i opened up with my workmates and new friends with wide acceptance from them. They even encourage me to open up to my family and wait not that other people will bring the issue to them. i hesitated. i love the way my family look at me. though it hurts to be loved and adored as someone you are not.., i imagined the pain they will suffer if they will know the truth about me. my mom keeps on asking when am i going to bring home my girlfriend or when am i going to get married. she's got a weak heart, i'm afraid telling her the truth will kill her. my brothers might not hit me anymore but surely they will love me less. what should i do? am i going to hide forever? 
hiddenguy hiddenguy
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2011