Secret Relation With My Cheating Aunt.

I'm A b boy of 22 year old now. While i completed my 12th graduation i went to my uncles home for the vacation. my uncle(moms Bro) is staying in gulf. he comes home once in a year. my aunt is alone with her two childs. My uncle and aunt has 11 year difference my aunt looks so white with perfect shape and is so hot even with 2 children.(1 studying 10th now and another doing his 7th. on that vacation accidentally i saw by aunts boobs it was like white pear fruit in her black bra wishing to jump out. from that day i used to watch her boobs and her structure standing back. i used to ********** thinking of sucking her boobs and ******* her. i tried to touch her body parts unknowingly to her. i thought she knew my advancement. but she never showed any reaction. for every vacation i became to visit my uncles home to enjoy her beauty, but was scared to make an advancement coz if my uncle comes to know this he will kill me. this bacame a routine until i completed my graduation. Once when i was at my uncles home for the last vacation. no one was there except me and my aunt(mow i'm 21 and she is 38)suddenly she called me from her bedroom she was lying, and asked me to **** her, she said she was so horny and was in full mood to have a ****. But at firsy i was lil scared and rejected she tried to convince me and said she wont say this to anyone she just needed a good ****, she cant bear it and caught my hand, but i dint respond but sat next to her in bed. at last said k leave it. then i just couldnt control i came near and kissed her on her lips, she just responded and she just removed her dress i just kissed her allover her body. she kissed me back, i sucked her boobs for 15 mins, she urger to **** her. it was my first time but i managed to give a perfect **** to her she enjoyed it well. i was above her and we made sex for 30 to 40 mins last i was to come i told her i'm to come she said k come inside her totally she wanted it. at last i came inside her ***** a lot, i was not even wearing a condom. at last i collapsed on her, she said she enjoyed the show real well and it was one of her best sex. we layed on bed for 10 mins and i got an erection again i just pulled her upside me and asked to ride horse, she said she dont want a **** again but i pleaded to have once more she accepted and asked me how to ride horse on me. i asked to jump up and down she did it she was like the most beautiful ghost on me ******* me. she jumped while i squeezed her boobs and kissed her. and at last she came on me totally and fell on me being so tired and slept on me. it was the most beautiful experience in my life eventhough it was the most awesome time and we enjoyed very well that afternoon. after everything she asked me not to say this to anyone and made me promise that i wont say it to anyone and i promised. i wont forget that day in my whole life, it was like a dream come true.
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wow. are there any limits on this site as far as what you can say? but either way, if you liked it, hook up again!

You lucky man

Did u guys hook up again