How To: Fake Sick

Ok so this is my first blog and I'm kind of nervous , so at my school we have dance a lesson once a week and I hate it and the b#%*y teacher who teaches it so I decided I'd be sick one Thursday but I knew I couldnt get off school with the common cold so when I got home from my paper round I went into the cupboards searching for ingredients when I stumbled across some Quaker oats I then took a handful went to the toilet and sprinkled it in I new that the water surrounding it had to be of a thicker constituency so I got some different crackers and crushed them up in my hands and sprinkled it roung the bowl it worked a treat so I got a sandwich bag with my ingredients in it and stashed it I'm my pocket I then lent over the toilet waited to hear someone on the stairs and made a gagging noise it also help if you have a bit of water in your mouth to spit out to enhance the sound and that's the end of my blog I'll be putting photos up to help sorry about the punctuation I can't be bothered and I hope this helps you skive school too
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1 Response Feb 28, 2012

It also helps to add any food you've eaten in the day to your fake vomit