My Life

I was born and loved but yet cursed by my parents. They just loved me too much , they spoiled me rotten in the real world this just doesnt work because we are never going to get our way all the time. So whenever people didnt go along with me agree with me Id be mad everything had to be my way. I was raised in church but shortly after being married I quit going for many years. I knew or had head knowledge of Jesus but only listened when it was good for me. So finally about 8 years ago I was so tired of being unhappy tired of doing life without God cause I knew He would be the answer. Ive had a lot of changes to go thru, loving God first that triggered alot of changes then I wanted to do whatever God wanted me to do which was not always easy. But now I have know problem with trying to obey Gods will I want to do whatever He wills me to do. My changes so far have been great I am what God would probably say, I am becoming stable so God can begin to use me more teachable. Has really opened my Heart and my Mind to hear Gods plan for me I will always be a work in progress till Jesus returns but I think im a lot better definately a lot happier. Thank You n God Bless    flockofturtles    Born in Ohio my family and I moved to Bradenton,Florida in 1987 I was born again in Florida God Is Here
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good to know u r getting better . everything is in your hands

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