He Just Ruined It..

the things were going well till the day i got my naked pics in facebook.. i gave my ex everything and he took those photos nd i never knew he would do such thing.. he kept all those in a memory card and his friends stole it.. nd uploaded them on facebook.. i am feeling like diying.. i tried to suicide.. but it didnt happen.. now bf is leaving me and everyone of my locality has my pics.. i dnt even know how to attend my college in such situation.. told mom and dad about it and they want me to change the town.. i just dnt know what to do.. i cant even show my face to the people.. my friends are avoiding me.. as i am a muslim girl, i dnt know how to survive.. nobody is going to marry me.. no one.. i want to start a new life.. just a brand new one.. help me.. please...
zareensubhanabilah zareensubhanabilah
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 27, 2012

Let this be a warning to all women and girls DO NOT LET your partners take nude photos of you even if they say (as my first bf said) "But its only for my wallet, for myself" i said no thankfully, because males are controlling by nature he knew i was ready to breakfree from him as he wasnt treating me nice and that would have been his little nasty thing showing eveyone my body in the pub naked to get at me, so the last laugh was again on him.<br />
But to yourself id say go to the police about him, hes nasty and get couselling to rid yourself of the negative crap he caused.