Hiya! (:

 Hi everybody! My name's Kiki, and I'm new on Experience Project. I just created this account approximately 5 minutes ago (:

Um. Beside playing with my girlfriends, I like to sleep, play video games, and dance to awesome techno,rock , and pop music  at night, because I'm wild and crazy like that. I'm still a kid, and I will act like one! Maturity is boring! Immaturity rules all! (; 

YOLO! You only live once! So let's experience it all ^_^

P.S I'm like a geek when it comes to science.

P.S.S I believe one day we will have a Zombie Apocalypse, that would take over the world - so I'm on the look out! You'll never know what the future might hold (:
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5 Responses Apr 28, 2012

welcome to EP... you will get all kind of experiences here....

Welcome to EP.:)

Welcome to ep :)

welcome kiki!

Your name is cool. I also believe that it will happen once everyone doesn't believe in god or Jesus anymore. The apocalypse probably will happen after my death. Maybe I'll revive from the dead and turn into a zombie someday. lol

by the way...Welcome to EP

You made it sound delicious for some reason. lol