Just Thinking Out Loud...

I am a single mom of two boys 12 yrs and 8 yrs...and currently 15 weeks with my 3rd child...it was my choice and decision to have another child because ive always wanted more. but doing this alone is my decision because i feel that most men will not committ so to avoid the pain of being left in the end and the emotional attachments being torn i protect myself from someone who probably wont stay around. But i know there are honest, open minded men and possibly single fathers as well who could be looking for the same. The child i carry is my responisibility and im not looking for someone to step up and take on the task of raising this child with me...but just someone who enjoys one on one time alone, going out, doing things, not just wanting to meet up to fullfill a satisfaction. Purely my only satisfaction at this moment is to find comfort in the hear of someone who cares about a person on the inside as well as the out. I could go on and on but simply put ive been hurt enough that my children come first and i love the fact i can be a mom and a friend to my children. They were brought up with the best family and have never been lied to about their father. I know i cant be the only single mother out there who is also expecting and looking for a connection, not just a fling. This mommy is not looking for a fling!!!
armymama88 armymama88
26-30, F
May 6, 2012