Never Had A Loving Mother...

This isn't a story but the cold truth and the more I think of it the more depressed and angry I get. It's about my mother. She is so rude to me and has this hatred towards me. I don't know why she hates me so much but it has got to the point where I want to move out as soon as possible. I feel like throwing up and killing myself. I never have done anything bad or anything directly towards her but she treats me like I'm not even there or alive. She ignores me all the time and is not a mother but more of a machine being repeated over and over again. It scares me half to death, and may never see her again if I end up dieing which would be fine with me right now. She usually curses at me and my sister all the time. Calls us names everyday. Is negative everyday constantly nags at us and is out of control! this lady is insane! So I'm writing just to get this off my chest but I want to move out ASAP! and I am going to start looking for a full time job and move out and live alone peacefully . She also loves my sister more and does it to me to get me angry. She is such a twisted person it's not even funny. When I am around her I don't like being there with her she makes me feel so uncomfortable about myself and talks to me like I am 6 years of age. Enough of this. When I have children I will love them with all my heart and treat them so good and not hurt them on purpose just because I am angry or have issues of my own. Thank you for reading this and please leave comments. Or if you can relate even in the smallest ways. I feel if things don't change soon either two or three things will happen. 1. Death 2.Move out and live on own 3. Live with gf/bf

sandralovesu sandralovesu
May 9, 2012