Meet Laurosuperstar!

We caught up with new member laurosuperstar and asked a few fun questions. Get to know your new community member and don't forget to say Hello!

EP: Good afternoon and welcome. Wonderful to have you join us. Let's get started right away. When you are 100 and looking back at your life, what do you want to be able to say?

laurosuperstar: Pleasure to be here. That's kind of odd, but alright. i have had the best life ever, reached dreams that i have only ever dreamed, had fun and made some great friends! Well Done Lauren!

EP: A well thought out response. If you could change one thing about your life, what would you change?

laurosuperstar: Tough one. Me, to actually be someone and be famous, not just someone little! Be on TV like Justin Biber preform and be a music sensation with my best friends Poppy, Izzy and Issy(my twin)!

EP: Intriguing answer. What is the best advice you have ever received? Who gave it to you?

laurosuperstar: I was just thinking about that the other day. Mr Fry,my year 6 teacher: Carry on going, reach for dreams because you are amazing just the way you are!

EP: Well put! I couldn't have said it better myself. Well, that concludes our up close and personal interview with laurosuperstar . Stay tuned readers, for our next New Member Interview.

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laurosuperstar laurosuperstar
May 12, 2012