What The Heck? Experience 4: The Day He Gave Me A Rose.

THEY say some memories are supposed to be kept to yourself, you know, to prevent others from hurting. I guess some of mine are supposed to be shared since no one is bound to be hurt.
SO... back during the second semester of senior year, we were preparing for our Literary Musicale and I was the Promotions Head so I was in charge of the promotions. One of which were roses with black ribbon tied around it. Some were pins, tumblers, stickers, posters, etc... Anyway, I was reading this beautiful story about teacher-student  relationship and I was at the part where the teacher finally asked his student to be his girlfriend. I was really into the story, I was even giggling to myself WHEN suddenly, I could see someone handing me a rose from my peripheral peek.
I LOOKED UP and saw him, a soft smile on his lips. He just said THANK YOU and left for his class---which was just in front of our booth and he never glanced at my direction after that. At least not when I was looking since my eyes barely left the ground. 
AFTER that, I put the rose in my book---of his subject of course and whenever we would be obliged to use our book, I secretly hide it in my bag for a moment so he wouldn't see I kept it.

SO... MY MAIN INTENTION  IN SHARING THIS MEMORY IS TO GIVE YOU COURAGE T O JUST  BE YOURSELF AND  DON'T STOP THINGS FROM HAPPENING. I did and now I'm regretting it. Hopefully, your stories will  turn out the way you want it.

I WILL APPRECIATE COMMENTS--EXCEPT RUDE ONES. I hate rude people but I love people who can be my close friends in an instant :)  

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You know one thing. Such memories are precious. But, in case if you had united with him, definitely there could be some problems and fights and only such bad memories would be sitting on it by burying these sensual moments of life. So, in one place you mentioned that you feel you should have told him. No, if it was verbalized and you had talked, all the goodness in this memory is last.

I agree. But what if it turned out the way I expected it to? Wouldn't it feel great to have what you've desired for so long? Even if it doesn't, I know he won't turn me down rudely. He's not that kind of person. But as of this moment, all I really want to do is tell him. I don't need any answers. I just want him to know how I feel and I'm sure I'll feel better after. Above all, wouldn't it be nice to know you tried? It's better than having regrets. Thank you so much. You literally cleared my mind of what I want to do. And right now, it's to find the courage to say it to him. Thank you so much. Here's one huge bear hug for you >>>>:D<<<

Ok tell him. Call him right now and tell him. No second thought and no rehearsal, just do it. Cheers

Okay, breaking news....

Ifreakingdidn'tcallhim! :)) I can't do it. I still have to gather more will power and courage! :D

What is holding the courage, the fear of rejected by him?

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