Lif Is What You Make It To Be . . .

Regardless of who you are, and of who you thought you would be, you are who you are.  From humble beginnings, or noble birth, we all stand before the same God and must answer for who we are and what we have. or have not. done through the days of our life.

Give to others the same care and consideration that you desire for yourself.

I remember well the days of growing up in Ensley, a suburb of Birmingham. Alabama, during the depression years.

Who would have thought that I  would go to College - earn my doctorate -  retire from the Army Medical Service, be a University Professor, and an Ordained Baptist Minister.

Yes, I  remember Louie Hollaway, Connie Miller, Bill Gibbs, Ester Sarrison, Jean Gibbs, Mildred Mann, and many others - some I  have seen while others I  have not had the oppoirtunity.  Some have left this life while we remain.  I  wish the best for one and all.

I would love to hear from you.
blacketor blacketor
May 14, 2012