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I Would Like To Know You Better

I believe in friendship !!!
Having a friend is much more than having  a " temporary lover". I don't mind talking about love but all this sex-ting and text-ting doesn't seem to be real. It doesn't  mean that I don't feel all the excitement and rush and needs to be sexual but you are not even sure who is on the other side. It could be all fiction. But when you meet somebody wise and beautiful you can immediately recognize.

Wisdom can't be a fiction.    You have it or not. You can deliver by your writing or not. I want to really know you. I want to learn from you. I want to know who you are. I want to share moments with you, I want to tread with you into the future for a good and bad. I want to look for solution to a  better life for all of us.

Just necked body and some dirty talk is not enough...Anyways, after some time it is all the same. Here, I want to be clear that I have nothing against sex but come on...You can't f...... all the time. You have to have a life after all and that is what I am looking for. It seems to be wiser to have somebody who is here for you all the time. Better spend some quality time together than have sexual blast here and there or being alone. 

I am sure that not everybody will agree with me. But that is OK. I am also sure that everybody is qualified to be a good friend. Let me know what do you think. I hope to hear from you soon. 

All are welcome.

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 23 Responses May 14, 2012

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Cuckoo for CoCo puffs!

Beautifully written. All true.

smart man... I will never do another online relationship


Peter: I respect what you write about life being more than sex. What I have written is all true and I do not have friends in real life just sex partners. Perhaps we can exchange messages and I will learn more things about myself than I know about myself and you will learn about me. I will also learn about you. Joan

all people have a side of personal sexuality and either online or on the phone the experience can be temporary or permanent...ive had a sexual/personal relationship with a lady ive never seen, or been near, for almost 15 years.....we met at a wrong number got to talking found we excited each other and continued a seemingly unknown relationship very heavy in personal truths at our own pace..we may have been married, successful or neither, it simply didn't teaches one that there is a person always thinking of you as a sensual exotic beautiful creature completely open..... yet hidden..and I would list her at one of my most exciting lovers......the mind is the sexual organ of the body, the normal seeking of passion and beauty is just each self finding that out. when one does love is all around..... at least with those who appreciate truth of passion and passion for beauty without judging material physical qualities..which ruins life for most of the earth.....cheers!!

Wonderful. Thank you for your comment.


It's hard to find good friends, especially in places like this where anyone can say and be whoever they want to be. One would hope for true, honest, genuine friendship, not someone with ulterior motives. That being said, be yourself and hopefully you will find others who are themselves as well.

I will do that. You are right.
Thank you for your wise comment.

Hello tropicalislandgirl,
Yes, liked what you said. Maybe, sometimes, my profile might give the wrong impression. Of course, there wonderful lives outside se, and there are many genuine people on here. I have found some wonderful people on here.

Sorry, outside se should be outside sex !!

Now this makes perfect sense

I am happy about that.

Very well said and that's what i meant when i told you that no one want's to just be friends ,
You nailed it right on the head my friend >>>I Would Iike To Know You Better <>

I hope maybe is not that bad.
Thank you.
We know each other for long time and we walk together through many good and bad moments. I believe the best is still to come my friend.

Maybe is good not bad &gt;&gt; Yes we have through good and bad and lot's more to come&gt;&gt; My friend &gt;&gt;&gt;

Well said. Friendships work well with mutual care and respect, as well as giving what we take. I agree, there is more to life than sexting .. I mean its just another way of ************ and the thrill of it skips my understanding.

No doubt. I am glad we see it similarly.
Another way of ************....I think yes. When you exchange erotic messages and ....You know. Yes. I will say it is something completely new for me. If somebody like it that is OK. But the questions is what next after that. If this would happen I would like to start really talking after that because I would believe that this made us close not just go off and wait for next and all the same.

What is that they say, "It's not the quantity of the moments, but the quality," and thus with that being said, friendship can be instantaneous as though you've known someone for a thousand years...that instant comforting connection...quality with the minimum quantity. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Sometimes those we have known forever know nothing about us and those whom we encounter briefly seem to read us like a favorite book.

You did a nice job with your post friend. :)

Thank you.
I think better a little and a lot then a lot and nothing.
Certainly I prefer that way. I little but something what can carry you through the day than a lot but what leaves you hunger and disappointment.

all i can say is well said!

That is a lot.
Thank you.

I totally agree with you, so eloquently put. :)

Thank you.
Please stay in touch.

I agree.. Very nice

Thank you.

Your welcome

I though you are working ?

no watching my team win.

Great. I wish they will.

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You are right. Well said.

Thanks. Do you know who win ?

You, I hope.

I wish. I was thinking more about election in your country. Now I know. I remember you are very active then I was trying to start conversation. And now I don't know. Who will win next ?

I couldn't tell ya who will win next. I am just glad Romney didn't win this time. Not that I like Obama. I think my country is going downhill.

Still. I remain optimistic.

That's cause you're in Canada. Hahahah, I'm just joking. I'm glad you're optimistic. The world isn't so bad. The people running it are the ones that are bad. I'm positive on that note.

So good. Keep it that way please. Why we should feel bad about that on top of that. They wont let us down. No way!!!

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I agree with you, you seem wise yourself. And true I dont find EP a dating website, its to learn, share and experience worlds youve never seen or been to. Glad to have you here (:
Thanks for the add!


You are right - 100%.
I am glad that I met you on my path.
Thank you.

It's my pleasure to have you as a friend:)

Thank you so much. God !!! You are so kind.

I think most people have lost the connection that happens between people when you slow down. We are all slaves to instant gratification. We have the attention spans of small children. We lack focus and there for miss out on the finer things of life. Truly getting to know the inner heart of another person. Yes sex is devine. And when you are not getting it you can become obssessed with it. But in the end if hte connection is not there, they are simply a tool to facilitate your desires being filled.

Yes that is all true but still all can be set properly. All depends if you are willing to give a chance to meet the real person and accept him or her and offering presented to you. If this happen connection is there next you have to just protect and cherish what was given to you at all time.

that is the hard part. The accepting... we often believe in our own selves so little that believing another person is almost torture. How can they see in us what we ourselves fail to see? But you are right. When it happens, it sould be cherished above all else.

You are showing inner wisdom. It is very visible. If you have difficulties to see it please just read one more time what you just said.

thank you. I know the words, and i believe them. But for me it is often the final step of putting them into action i find the hardest. Trusting that in the end it will all work out as it should.

Yes I understand. In my case I am hopeless optimist and hopeless romantic. I understand as well that in spite of many disappointments you didn't give up.

surrender is not part of my vocabulary. I will keep trying even if something is unmofortable if it think it is worth it in the end

Sounds great. Welcome in my world. Our world.

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Having had the pleasure of calling you my friend I can honestly say that I agree with you. A true and real friend is the most precious gift of all. You are for sure precious to me my friend. Take care and hugs to you!

God bless.

I have met some wonderful friends online, and the true ones, the ones that stuck around, were the ones that weren't pushing for sex. Flirting and cybering can be fun but those people only come and go. Its all a game and theres usually nothing real within it. I hope you find that true friend and lover all in one.

I have no doubt about that. I am glad we have so much in common.

hi dat nice

I take friendship over just a flirt any day

I agree! Playing around can be fun but there is so little connection in it. Pleased to have met you here, my new friend.

Thank you for support my friend.