Why Do I Only Attract Creeps

Well I am a young woman who likes to take pride in my physical appearance. But it is very hard to when all you have are creeps, perverts pedofiles, and men stalking you everywhere. They give off really strange vibes and I've had men try to rape me and lure me off many times. I dont have a car or no family to protect me and I dont feel like i can depend on the law for help. A lot of times I want to carry a gun on me to protect me because they wont respect me and going through this has made me want to stay in the house and not even work because I figure what is the use of me working if I gotta think about some creep approaching me or setting me up and kidnapping me. It is not just paranoia, they have given me a reason to feel this way. They are constantly persistent with pressuring me to go out with them or to take their number and all i want to do is fight because they make me very nervous. I dont want to think about it no more, I just want to fight. I get so tired of getting picked on . I hate it when they stare at me constantly, especially as if they have never seen a woman before. I have had to move away because of this and where I am @  now no one has given me a problem only because i am not dressed up . I dont wear revealing clothing that shows all my butt and breasts . I feel like I am cursed when it comes to men a lot. I feel like my attraction is a damn curse. I have had guys get so angry because I have rejected them that they have tried to fight me and they kept disrespecting me. I feel like I am so alone in this. If I reject them, they take me as being disrespectful and they will try to curse me out and even try and fight or throw **** on me. They make very rude sexal comments about my body and about me and they dont know me.They wil follow me around and like it is very hard on me. It makes me afraid because I dont want to allow someone to have control over my body either. It opens the doors for so much perversion and it gives men an excuse to act t he way they do because they blame it on how I look. Is it me or are men really psychotic and crazy as hell?
Tamilla Tamilla
18-21, F
May 17, 2012