I Don't Really Know Where To Start..

I basically found this website last night when I typed, "I need someone to talk to right now" on Google & it was the first link to show up.. I looked around before joining, you know, to get a feel & find my comfort zone. But I'm currently having a hard time trusting the site because of course, being a new member here, I'm honestly coming off a bit shy... I don't really know what else to say, I'm just looking for a friend, or people to talk to.

It's not that I don't have friends in real life, it's the fact that no one ever asks me how I'm doing or what's going on in my life. I'm usually the one who is genuinely interested towards them & always asking, "Anything new? How's school? How's work? How's your family? How have YOU been? Or how's your life in general?" & I noticed that the majority of my friends never ask me how I'VE been doing. So... I was hoping this site could give me that...

P.S. I'm so deprived of having real, intellectual conversations that I used to have before... before my friends grew up.. & before we became so dependent on technology.. & I think that lately I'm forgetting how to "talk" & "express" my feelings that I keep bottled up inside..
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saw you when one of my friends commented on one of your stories. ep can be a really cool place but can also become addictive lol.<br />
as with everything else, there are a few drama queens and jerks on here. but, overall, i think you can get a lot more from this site than the other networking sites available. that's how it's been for me anyway.<br />
<br />
hope you enjoy it :)

Hi, and welcome to EP! I think you'll really like it here when you get used to it. EP has such a wide variety of people that you can find practically any type of interaction you're looking for. I joined EP 2 1/2 years ago, after I had moved to the South from New England and then been a short time in a psych unit because my depression got so bad. When I came home, I was very shaky and didn't really want to talk to anyone I knew. I still don't know exactly how found EP, but I've made some good, true friends here who have literally saved my life. It's a great place. Message me if I can help at all, and have fun! --sugar :)