What I Must To Do?

I`m new here. Although my english is not good, I come here because i wanna be some where that dont know anyone & anyone dont know me.
I`m so down. deeply down. in next 4weeks, i`ll have 6 exams. the last 6exams of my bachelor degree in the field that i dont have any interest about it. and i have to pass them. but really dont have any concentration on studying. i`m so tired of everything, even tired of life. i`m exhusted. if i didn`t pass even one of the exams, i`ll can not take my degree and 6years of my life will be just spoiled.
time goes away, and i didnt study one word.

what if it just ends ...
i cant take it anymore ...
Touka Touka
26-30, F
3 Responses May 19, 2012

Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made unto God and the peace that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart in Christ Jesus.Put it all to God in prayer:-)

Thank u :) I will do it

As the people are saying, if you dont pass it isnt over and its just the start of what God has planned for you, He puts desires in us and if there is no desire then its not part of His plan for you, nevertheless doesnt mean that He cant use it for your good. Trust God to carry you and let His will be done. If it just ends then it also begins ;) and in those 6 years you became who you are and not what you are, what really counts is whats on the inside. Relax and take a deep breath, come what may, your right on target to where you must go in life ;)

Thank u so much for ur kindness...It makes me feel good :) I wrote this text about 2months ago and so much things happened in those days that one after one turned me down. sometimes it sounds every bad things happened to u all together... what u ever dont expect from someone, in the worst time he has done to u. anyway, time will go, nevertheless nothing can heals the wounds on ur heart...

So then how did it go with the exams? And if for one second you felt good then it makes me glad because thats all I want too see just a smile :) And I'm sorry so many things happened to you, but It is life and we don't know who would do what to us, but we must just look up for help. Remember not everyone is the same, there is that special someone that would treat you like a queen and would heal your heart, because a heart can be healed in the right hands, normally only in Gods hands but He needs help on earth too, He will send you the right person and the right friends.

God will help you if you ask Him,don't give up,go to a local church or find {sonlife broadcast network} on television,radio or the internet..{Jimmy Swaggart Ministries}.they are on 24/7,i got saved watching this program in 1982,i was 23,and it changed my whole life.i watch it daily now.