Lonely Caregiver

Well I stumbled across this website when I was looking for advice for caregivers, you know people that help the disabled. Yes my young beautiful wife had a major medical condition that left her partially paralyzed and its been over a decade now. Yes I have stayed with her all this time and for those in this position, not completely in a marriage and missing out on much of life.. you understand how tough it is and its a decision you live with every day. So I wont go in to all the details except we are making the best of it because like any red blooded male...well I want a girlfriend!
Now I have been on a few dates and the same dilemma always comes up. Lie to the girl I'm trying to take out and not tell her I am married and she is mad when she finds out the truth or tell her the truth and watch her disappointment when this handsome man is not totally available. That`s it, let`s chat!
Whereismyheart Whereismyheart
51-55, M
May 20, 2012