Looking For A Friend...

Hello, I'm new, and if anyone wants to be my friend, just add me! ;D
TerminaHero TerminaHero
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Hi. I would actually like to get to know you better. You sound cool. ( no its not just you avatar. lol )

Thank you. :D I'd like to get to know you better too. :D

Lol. PM me if you like. :D

Can't. Privacy restrictions. Sorry. You'll have to PM me.


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That is alll....

lmao. XD

*takes a bow* yes.. I'd like to thank my Oshy's status for the inspiration...lol XD

awe, thats so sweet *giggles* ^-^

I'll be yer friend

hey i tried to log in once and my password was changed, I think I clicked under the sign in part where it said forgot your password and it was mailed to me. If you can still log in to that email address.

Oh it's fine now, I created a new account and i'm fine with this one, ANd I found my friend.

Yes... Yes he did... And we are crime fighting ninjas... My name is Batman... He is the Hulk...Together... or apart...we rockith the world &gt;:D

I am sorry please excuse me... I am random normally... I am just hyper now... hehehe

haha, awsome, you sound pretty cool.

hehe if that was directed at me... then thanks :D if not... then.. *back away slowly blushing* myyyyy baaaaddd

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I'll be yer friend. Jeez, that sounded pathetic. Oh well.. Hi!

Excellent, I'll befriend you! :D

You really are lightenign fast, haha. Offic. friends!!

you mean at replying to messages? I guess I am. :D

oh dear I typoed lol just ignore that extra a :P

*uses tackle hug*... *uses smile*... *OshawaottReborn has fainted!* Told you I'd win the next round lol. You continue to be the best and the sweetest :)