I Get Strange Dreams!

i get dreams f huge masaacares n stuff wid ppl tryin to chase me down n kill me... can anyone pls interpret t??
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Hey listen dude (I'm assuming your a dude no offense). There's nothing wrong wrong with you. There is nothing to go into a deep dark place about. I have the same types of dreams . As a matter of fact, I've only had 2 our 3 pleasant dreams my entire life. And I'm in my mid 30's. there's no mystical/esoteric meaning to or dreams as some new agers claim as their opinion. I've learned that dreams are simply a compilation of the information and images we ingest mentally throughout our days and experiences, that we have not had the chance to process yet. At night when we sleep our subconscious mind which is always active attempts to process the leftover information that we haven't broken down with our conscious mind. For example... Two people see a car drive down the street. At night when they sleep, one dreams about being trampled by elephant because because maybe earlier in life they nearly were in a vehicular accident. The other dreams about being able to fly, because they only know of the freedom a car can give you. they both saw the same thing but that CAR symbolizes one thing to the one, and fingering else to the other. Its all subjective to the individual and their disposition to the outside world. Rather than interpret the DREAM ... Try more to interpret the events and situations that happen in your daily life. The more you do that, the less you will have any kind's of dreams good our bad.

pls help me someone!!