Kicked, Beaten, And Abused.

I was treated horribly in school; especially on the bus. I think the movie "Bully" would be a good comparison. I made the mistake of going to this horrible fraternity beer oriented school where I tried to be a witness for my faith at the time any rate. I think I was a really bad one looking back on it. I didn't have any support from a church or anything so I stumbled and fell hard. I didn't speak the language of my tormentors as a room mate of mine had said they only know one language and that is violence. I was smaller and weaker than the others which did not leave me a winner. I've had countless jobs in the past. Some of these were good paying. It was either of the pressure of dealing with the general public over the phone or involving heavy lifting and/or coworkers who were in a word rotten. I worked one place where they seemed to hire the bottom of the barrel. They literally threw things at one another for like an hour at a time. It was really infantile, and crude. I'm finally working at a job I like though it doesn't pay anything with quality people.
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Being a witness to your faith is such a hard thing to do, especially in a hostile environment. You need to know that there are good people everywhere though, even at party schools. You need to seek out these people, and not settle for anything less. During my first year in college, I became susceptible to a lot of unhealthy things because I was hanging out with unwholesome people. Having a wide variety of friends is good, but your close friends should share at least most of your values, otherwise, if you're not strong enough (like I wasn't), they'll end up influencing you poorly and you'll make choices you'll later regret.