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I have only been on EP for a short time, less than a month in fact. I started with pictures, groups, and a story but learned very quickly the more you show the more "friends" you attract. At first the excitement of seeing your communication box light up makes your day but quickly becomes overwhelming and the pressure of replying to everyone begins to wear you down and you quickly learn you really don't have true friends but rather people who only wanted to see your pictures. I decided to start over and see what kind of friends I would make without any of those. Most people ignored my requests, so I decided to send a message complimenting their stories or things we had in common, very few responded with a quick thank you and we're never heard from again, even after I tried to keep the conversation going. I did have two however, that I feel very fortunate to have met. One is new herself and we have joked about her having the same experience and the other is more than I could have ever imagined. She is unique, genuine, bold, funny, caring, extremely attractive and goes out of her way to make people feel good. I never thought I would write a story on EP but am so thankful to have met her and shared in true heartfelt conversations with her that I found myself wanting to write about it. "S" You are an amazing woman and I am happy to be your friend, thanks for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and you to know the real me without having seen me first.
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I wonder if you ever read this story. I was reminded of you today. Still good to see you here. :)

i'm new and i don't know what to expect from this sites by now, seem looks good for sharing...

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am new and not sure how to get started.

This is so true!

same only just found this site today ........mainly looking for friends to share stories with (wat a brilliant idea)
il share my story in time....

wow...I am only half hour new to this..and actually am just looking for someone to share my story with...it is a long and boring story as I am well over the age limit!! but no matter what life is always a learning experience...I love life, I love people, I love living and I have a broken heart!!

I just found this website tonight completely on accident, and I am still learning this ropes, but this is such a cool idea...I can't wait to learn more about it.

I'm new too, just found this site by chance. It feels so liberating to be able to express my thoughts and opinions and find others who actually agree and share my views! So tired of censoring myself to fit in with the mainstream. This seems like a safe haven :)

I quite agree!! Ed

Yes, a safe haven is a good way to put it. I am finding ways to explore things I can't do elsewhere. While I am a convinced nudist, for all the right reasons, there is on EP a freeing ability to explore exhibitionism. Just a beginning, but, we'll see. Lynn (and others who may care), consider stretching your minds in this direction. The anonymity of the site is priceless, giving the opportunity to look into something very different, and, I am finding, exciting. If you care to try it, please let me know. Ed here, and at Jordan2005@inbox.com Chaste hugs!

I love "personalities" so after reading someone's post, or answers I will add them. Some don't automatically "add" me as a friend, but most.. eventually do. I get plenty of requests from the pervs.. ***threw up in mouth a little*** those ones stay in the circle not of trust but pervs.

Hi, Im new aswell. Im enjoying thus far. Add me to ur circle :) if ur looking for some EP friends. Have a good one.

welcome to all new people, this site has helped me so much (read the stories) I pop back here to see where everyone is at..

In like it too! Let's talk. Ed

I too joined EP less than a month ago and I am addicted. I have a small circle of friends already and would invite you to join. I am 60 years old, male and alone. This site has been a great place to share my experiences and dreams. Welcome!

Nice to meet u :)

very true if you look at most people you will notice that there friends list is about the size of a yellow pages which is one of the reasons mine is so small no point an having just numbers.

You've heard the ex<x>pression, "you have to kiss some frogs before you find your prince." Well, EP is no different. You get out of it what you put into it. I have found that by posting snippets of my life, I attract exactly to whom I can relate. Not saying my stories are everyone's cup of tea...but isn't that the point? If there's a true connection, a genuine sharing of interests, those "friends" will indeed stick around. <br />
<br />
Just like in real life, here on EP I have a handful of very close friends and many casual friends. I don't hold the casualness of our relationship against them. They mean nothing by it. They're simply conducting themselves and living their life as they see fit.

Much of the EP experience is quid pro quo.

I had the same problem at first - then came my first mass delete of people. Now I am more choosy - it the first comment you send is "Let me see your pics" we have a problem. Good luck!

It took me a long time to sort through them all, and I still add a few odd ones sometimes, just because it's something I'm compelled to do..<br />
But when you finally find a few good Friends it makes it quite worthwhile. Sometimes on my darkest and loneliest days I'll get a message from one of my Friends and it's enough just to see their name in my inbox. I know exactly how you feel about your Friend 'S'.

As somebody said before: Writing your own stories will expand your circle of fans. Then choose your friends very carefully! In my opinion, a smaller circle of good friends is more valuable than a large circle of people, who don't really interact or offer input. It also depends, what you try to get out of EP of course.<br />
I have met some really nice people, who share their wisdom, lift your spirit on a bad day, and who offer tips and support or make you laugh - which is exactly what I had hoped for, and I'm glad if I can return the favour!

Thank you, how sweet of you! And I hope you know, how much I treasure your help and input!

Keep on keeping it real! :)

I say if you're here looking for serious friends, write your own stories, take real feedback, give realistic responses, and join up with enough groups that you can share stories for... You'll find actual people out there. At least, it was like that last year, and wasn't completely full of cyber-lifers with a small "Thanks" being their greatest form of gratitude allowed on their phone's data plan! <br />
<br />
:P<br />
<br />
Though, I do hate to say - if you're looking for RELATIONSHIPS, I think there's better sites out there. People on here don't seem to take too kindly to the few I've talked with that were. :s <br />
<br />
Best of luck to you, I hope you choose to stay and use the site to your betterment! XD<br />
<br />
~ L'oiseau content.

I haven't, you are correct there are some amazing people on here. Thanks for the add!

Sadly I feel like this is a slight version of MySpace or Facebook with story time. People do love to ogle photos and get in your business. There a re a few great people out there that are truly interested in making friends though...don't give up! :-)