Happy Days

i was sitting on my bed when my gran came in with a birhday cake singing happy birthday with my grandad, it was 7oclock and a bit early for me but hey i blew my candles out as it was only my 9th birthday, i went on downstairs and found a box with holes in it wrapped up and it was moving, i thought thats weird i opened it and there was a beautiful cat inside so i named her poppy, she was quite old but not to old, my granparents adopted her for me, anyway not knowing she was greedy we left the cake on the side, my grandad went to work and my granmama went out the back to do her gardening and i went to the lounge to watch tv, about 30 minutes later my nan appreard looking disspapointed so i asked what was wrong and she replied hey girl why do u have to be so greedy and eat half the cake and not save enough to share around, i had no idea what she was talking about but no matter how much i protested she wasent listenin, my gran is very strict on these things, but anyway i was allowed to enjoy my birhtday but the day after i was grounded and was made to clean the house because she still thinks i stole the cake but my cat ate it.....THATS THE BEST STORY IN MY LIFE LOL NOT VERY GOOD BUT I AINT ANY GOOD AT STORY TELLING LOL
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It's a fine story. It tells us something about you, your family, your pet cat, how your birthday was--and also shows there was a lot of love between you all. It also tells us you like to share experiences and write stories. Good job! And welcome to EP!

awww thank you sugarfootie xx