A Wedgie, A Journey, A Plead

So, there was this teenager; 16 years old, in fact. And he loved wedgies. He decided to watch people do wedgies on Youtube, then got the idea. He would post a video to Youtube, asking for wedgie dares. He would get dares sent to him, or posted in the comments, then he would tape him doing them and post it to Youtube. This went on for a week or two. SInce Youtube isn't very fond of wedgies, he got banned for life. Then someone sent him a link; a link to a site ALL about wedgies. Here, they were more lenient about wedgies, seeing as they had no rules pertaining to wedgies. There, he could get dares, post them, watch others do wedgies, and such. Now, that site is going to be shut down because it doesn't get any donations or paid memberships. That boy is me, and that site is Please, please, please! Go to, and donate so they can keep the site alive! And trust me, it is the best place for wedgies!
NerdyBoy328 NerdyBoy328 16-17 Aug 17, 2012

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