Having To Choose Between My Husband And My Kids

I am 48 years old and in my second year of marriage. My husband is not the father of any of my four children. He is constantly making me put him before my children. My children are 28, 24,18 and 11. This is my first marriage and things have changed a lot since the wedding. I am about to return from visiting one of my children for over two weeks and my husband is angry that my flight is arriving during the workday because he will have to leave work to pick me up even though he has plenty of paid time off. The fact that he didn't even know when my flight back was, which I emailed him the info before I even left, makes me feel unloved. I'm so sick of doing everything his way and getting nothing in return. We have been open and honest but I'm starting to resent his demanding and nasty attitude. I don't want to put him first if he will never be happy anyway. He already moved out t know what during our first year of marriage what happens when he leaves again and I have put aside my relationships with my kids so we weren't as close .... I just don't what to do
Suzie48 Suzie48
46-50, F
Aug 22, 2012