Nearing My Happy Ending. :)

Hi! I'm happy to join the group and have people I can talk to about my dieting with. I find its something I need to talk about often or I start to lose focus and stop.
Two years ago I started a journey of losing 75 lbs, I did it all on my own with proper dieting and exercising on my own time at home. I feel very accomplished, but I'm not at my goal weight and size yet. I still have more than 20 lbs to go, and no amount of exercise seems to do the trick. So I'm trying things a different way that seems to be doing the trick; I'm eating less, 1,000 calories a day instead of my old 1,500, and doing steady cardio for half an hour.

I know I'm basically starving myself, but I've been an over eater my whole life. Before this diet it was rare to see me not eating. I think for the sake of looking the way I've longed for my whole life, its worth it.
Now I'm not trying to be gross skinny, but then again I don't think my body is physically capable of being very skinny after a lifetime of being fat. :P

I'm down to a size 7, which I still consider pretty big. My goal size is 4! And my goal time is 6 months, before I take my first vacation to Cuba. :)

Anyone feel free to message me for advice or chats! Let's keep each other motivated!
TheTinCat TheTinCat
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Good luck :-) keep up the great work! Stay healthy and keep us posted!!

the girl's life is so hard....