The Game Of Life, The Start

Experience project! Im excited to hear what you have to say!

Im going to start with a little bit about myself;

I was born in Nadi, Fiji, march 1993. My mother had me while she was young, so i was adopted by my grandparents. at the age of 9, my grandfather, my idol, passed away. So i moved to the U.S. to live with my parents. I have 1 younger brother and two younger sisters. At the age of 13 i was kicked out of the house for the first time, during the last few weeks of middle school. I missed graduating middle school with my friends, my grades all dropped because i missed all my final exams and worst of all.. the end of the year trip to disneyland! This is when i knew my life was never going to be the same, this is when my life as i knew it had completely changed. I have never been the same since.

During this time you could imagine how none of my "friends" parents would take me, to them it was a joke. If i returned home my mother was simply going to turn me into the orphanage, saying she could not care for me, nor did she want to. i cant explain how devastating this was for me at the time, coming from my situation in FIji. I had one good friend who would sneak me into his house at night, feed me, clothe me, and let me sleep on his floor between his bed and the wall so no one would see me if they were to walk in. I remember one night, looking in through the corner of their dinning room window as he and his father ate dinner.. I remember the meal specifically; Steak that was dripping with juices every slice or bite they took, Green salads that seemed so fresh in the lighting compared to the cold darkness that i was in. my friends father was enjoying a glass of red wine, while my friend drank an ice cold pepsi. For the first time that evening i cried, i pitied my whole being. I was really hungry, and not for chips and cheap tea's or water form someones hose, I wanted real food. I wanted to sit down at a table and eat in the company of others, I wanted to go home, i wanted my grandfather back. In my shame i decided not to hassle my friend that night with my weight. so i left him a note saying that i was staying at another friends house that night. I went to a near by park and sat for hours, i couldnt understand... i couldn't grasp why this was happening to me. some older kids that i recognized came to the park later that night, thats when i smoked weed for the first time. They invited me to tag along with them, so i did. later that night i tried cocaine for the first time also.

well.. i didn't realize how painful this was going to be to write... so ill skip to today.
Im 19 years old, and for the second time in my life I'm learning to stand. About a month or two ago, i was was heading towards a door in life, but ended up walking backwards, blindly, through another.
and now im Living in Mexico City! Ill fill you guys in on the rest the rest tomorrow.

wow.. im so lost in emotion i cant continue.
MuchisimoVida MuchisimoVida
18-21, M
Sep 5, 2012