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I raised my Granddaughter, Autumn, Since she was 6 and 1/2 months to almost 7 years, and she was legally taken by her 7 year absent, non paying father in Oklahoma courts. In Oklahoma, grandparent laws are almost non or none. we did get visitation and 1 phone call a day to talk to her. Now they wont let us talk to her for the last few days This all happened in court and finished about a month ago, He got full custody. and it angry of the rights we did get. Now he is saying, he is going back to court to change the decree the judge signed cause it gave us some rights. He is angry all the time, yells and screams on phone and hangs up.we dont argue with him. we want to see our beloved Autumn. what can we do?
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It seems like you are in a real har spot. <br />
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get yourself a really good attorney, and Trust In God. My prayers will be with you.

I had a good attorney that let us down, and got 5000
$ from us, we are out of money
God is the only person I have left for hope. I hope he wont let a child of his suffer at te hands of a delusional father and a lying stepmother. ty you for your reply.