Cokeeeeeee's World ^_^

New EP member ? ..Yes, that would be ME ! I haven't had a chance to play around and figure this ishhh out yet, but I will realllllll soon. Soon, as in now.

The basics ? Welp, my name is Khira. Buuut, I like to call myself Kay Co"K"ainee. [ Kay is short for Khira, duhh. & CoKainee is from the rapper -Honey Cocaine-. Except I Khira'd it up w. the K. I love her, btw :D !. Alsooooo, I've come to convince myself that once you get even the smallest drop of ya girl (that would be me), you'll never never get enough :). I'm addictive, I would like to think. ]

I came across EP after I tried the whole blogging thing. ..Honestly, I just don't get it and I couldn't get attached to it. I just like to write [ slash type. ] my feelings and share them with peeps I don't know. ( I don't have to worry about people I see everyday knowing my deepest darkest emotions) Sooooooooo, hopefully EP is the place to do so.

I'm silly, nice (occasionally), rude, out-spoken, and emotional. Get to know ya girl, and maybe you'll love me too. ;)

Peace. Love. Dueces. ---Kay, OUT !
KayCoKaineee KayCoKaineee
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2012