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Hello everyone,
My name is noel and I'm new to EP :D I'm quite shy and trying to break out of me shell and meet new people. I'm silly, random, nerdy and totally AWKWARD hah I'm not afraid to be who I am even if the strange looks make me feel inadequate ^have trouble talking to be people I am trying to over come my social anxiety and figured this would be a good place to start, so if you'd like to chat that would be great :)
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Hello. We are new as well. Love meeting new people.

Hello it nice to meet you :)

nice to meet you too!! i am shy as well but so far this site is great hope you enjoy it too

Heey Welcome to Ep ! ;P

Hello and thank you :)

No problem ^_^

Hello! Welcome to ep. :) I am shy too.

hi its nice to know I'm not alone :D

No you are not. Welcome! :D

Thank you :) its nice to meet new people and break out of my shell

I am trying to break out of my shell too. Its not easy sometimes.. But it's always good to meet new and interesting people like you. :)

No its not easy lol and being socially AWKWARD doesn't help haha, but yeah it is cool to meet new people like you, none of the dumb crap like facebook haha

They are not that dumb, just a little.. And, HOW awkward are you? I usually like awkward people.

Haha true but the political posts are so annoying lmao! Well put it this way I'm the kinda girl who busts out laughing about something that happened yesterday, and when talking to people in a group I just stand off to the side by myself awkwardly haha XD

Me too! I feel so uncomfortable and lost in group conversations. That’s not so bad. Most great artists and philosophers were awkward people. You must be brilliant and creative, or just crazy, lol.

Well I love to paint and draw :) and I love animals I want to be a zoologist, I find charles darwins theories are brilliant! Didn't people ever take the time to consider maybe god and science go hand in hand just a theory lol :)

Wow! Painting, drawing and zoology? You ARE brilliant and creative! That’s SO cool! :D I think exactly the same thing, religion and science go hand in hand. Did you ever heard about the golden ratio? Apparently there is a mathematical correlation between everything in nature, between certain types of spiral sea shells, the milk way and even the human DNA. Many things in religion are only a matter of interpretation that can be understood trough science and reason in my opinion. There are many things science still can’t answer so I try to keep an open mind. I definitely think spirituality and intuition are compatible with logic and reasoning.

Oh my god someone who gets me!! I'm gonna have to write this day on the calender :D and thank you yes I love animals, tigers are my favorite :) and I love to draw and paint I was actually thinking of taking graphic design (every artist knows they won't be famous atleast not while they're alive lol) but I was thinking about becoming an architect or something cool like that, with that field there are many opportunities and doors to open :)

I like animals too, sometimes they are even more human than many people I Tiger are cool! I saw a tiger once, so big, so strong, white and impressive. Bears are cool too! I like rabbits, penguins, koalas.. Animals are very interesting. And I think drawing is something so beautiful, art is something that give us a better understanding about life, is with inspire us to create a better world and is what defines so much of our own nature. I like architecture too. I prefer the more classical style, specially renascence architecture, or the style we see in fantasy world like in the lord of the rings or in video games. Chinese architecture is interesting too. And not all artists die in anonymity, Picasso was famous before he died right? Who knows? Maybe one day you will be famous! What type of drawings do you do?

I draw pretty much anything that comes in my mind sometimes I don't even know what I'm drawing haha XD I love white tigers they're so beautiful but they don't exist in the wild, due to inbreeding its a genetic mutation, which actually is really sad because they call the orange tigers of that litter "throw away" tigers becausee they aren't the big money makers like the white ones, also they have a lot of health problems like club foot, cleft pallets, problems with their vision. It makes me sick that people do that to make money :(

Drawing is really cool, even the cavemen had artists. Art is really important, without imagination and sensibility to what is beautiful life would have no meaning I guess. And about the tigers, that’s so sad! I don’t understand people like that, they do this horrible things just to make money. In my opinion the worse kind of poverty is the spiritual and moral poverty. I don’t know how this people can live with themselves. Animals have rights too! I guess one day I will probably become a vegetarian.

Haha I tried being a vegetarian but I got really sick so now I only eeat chicken turkey and on occasion pork beef upsets my tummy :'( and yes it is pathetic what people will do to make a dollar!! Honestly I'm glad I grew up poor atleast I appreciate what I have and I've busted my *** for eveything I have. Some people just suck at life haha :D good people are very few and far between but we do exist I swear haha

I know there’s good people out there, we just have to find each other. If we are really so few we should found a society, the Society for the Preservation of Good People, or something like that, because we are a endangered species this days. LOL.. And.. You grow up poor? Really? Hmmm.. To be honest I grow up rich, and I can tell you with no doubt that being rich is completely overrated. The only good thing I can remember of being rich is the time I spent sailing with my father. True richness comes from the hearth and from the spirit. There are a lot of rich people that have miserable spirits. Integrity has really nothing to do with money. If I could go back in time and change my past I would trade all the money that I had for just one good and real friend. And you don`t suck at life. For what I can tell you have one of the richest souls I have ever seen. :)

PS: Pork beef upsets my tummy too, I recommend green tea. :)

Aaaw thank you :) I'm an old soul, I was sent here to do good and that is what I will do. I would change few things in my life, but being poor never bothered me I'm glad I'm not shallow and vapid like most people my age! I have a good heart so people like to use it against me, partially why I don't trust most people and I don't let them get close I have to keep myself guarded from idiots and we totally should establish our own society!! That would be awesome!!

I love green tea!!

You are welcome! :) The same with me, most people in my age are just too shallow and annoying. I used to trust a lot in people, but after years of disappointments I guess I became a little traumatized with the evil and banality of people around me, so now I don’t trust almost anyone. I was one of these peculiar kids, wise beyond my age, and I still remember that even when I was very young I knew I was different from most people. Even now I don’t understand why the cultural, political and economic systems in this planet are so primitive, and how most people can live like that and accept this unacceptable reality. I must be an indigo child or something! The Buddhists actually believe there are others planets with intelligent life, and sometimes these alien souls reincarnate on earth. Sometimes I feel like if I was from another planet, I guess that would explain a lot of things in my life. We live in a time of chaos, we just had two world wars, the cold war, and now is almost if we were going back to the dark ages, with this pop hedonistic culture that controls people trough fear and greed. People like us are important, especially in times like this. A society of good people would be a very good thing. We should unite to protect the good in this world. We just have to find some good people and find a really good name for our society. In the absence of light darkness prevails. If we do not fight who will? Maybe one day we could create a real group of good people, like a real Jedi order or a real justice league. It would be fun!! :)

Hell yes my god we are so sympatico!! I've never met anyone I have so many things in common with its nice to know imm not alone in the world

We are! WOW! Really.. We DO have a LOT of things in common. Its nice to know I am not alone in the world too. :)

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